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Then allows them passage to the second floor where the rooms are. LAURA: (SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) ALVAREZ: Guy after guy after guy. CHAPUSEAUX: The owner of Las Palmas was a women named Raquel Medeles Hortencia Arguello. CHAPUSEAUX: She left them there 24/7 locked up in that room.

CHAPUSEAUX: The state of Tlaxcala, New Mexico, it's notorious for sex trafficking. ALVAREZ: These pimps use different tactics to lure women to come from Mexico, Central America to the U. They give them false promises of a better life, of a job and they use people that they already trust. And they paint this picture that once they come to the U. The person in the back behind that door charges for the room and condom. Tencha had a group of about five or six girls that were minors locked up in a room on the second floor. CHAPUSEAUX: These minors were upstairs and were only offered to certain clients that would pay a large amount of money to have sex with the minors. And when I say good money, they would pay for certain girls, 0 an hour.

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And one day I went to work, kissed my son good-bye and never saw him again. It's just a name in mostly in Mexico used for bars. STEVEN ROSKEY, FORMER AGENT, TEXAS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMISSION: They're actually kidnapping somebody from another country and bringing them here for nothing other than just pure prostitution and slavery. Several other investigators had asked to come down to Houston and see some of these cantinas. And, two, because it's hard to prove the knowledge and the intent by the traffickers when they're working behind the scenes. ATTORNEY: I guess we can go in there and arrest one person and slap them on the wrist or whatever. CHAPUSEAUX: Our goal is to dismantle the entire organization. RACHEL ALVAREZ, CASE MANAGER, YMCA HUMAN TRAFFICKING PROGRAM: It's a hard pill to swallow knowing that an investigation was going on and knowing that night after night these girls were still being prostituted against their will. She leased the brothel to Poncho, Alfonso Diaz-Juarez.

In two weeks, I became the parent of a murdered child. However, here in Houston, we have a lot of places that have been operating as bars that are actually just centers of prostitution, brothels. WALSH: It's an uncomfortable subject that we as a rich country just don't want to deal with. In the case of Tencha, we needed to prove that she knew that these were minors being prostituted at her brothel, or adults that were being forced to work there as prostitutes. It takes time to get the evidence that will make this happen. PEREZ: Then she got wind that perhaps we were on to her. A source told us that Poncho was taking over Las Palmas, and that he was there every day.

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