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I’m just sayin’—I haven’t been able to manufacture chemistry before and don’t know anyone who has.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it may be a unicorn.

So if your partner treats other people poorly, then move on.

You can guarantee that it will be directed at you at some point and who needs that.

But if you are presently in a one-sided relationship where your chemistry just isn’t igniting and it has been 90 days or more, then you may want to move on… Forever is a long time to be with someone when you don’t have chemistry.So give them some space to air out and circle back when they are through with their divorce and figure out then if they still seem like a good fit.3) You don’t have chemistry Some people ascribe to the belief that if you don’t have chemistry then you can develop it over time.7) He or she is a public critic So have you ever been around a couple where one or both of them pick on each other? It’s so important to show respect for one another both in public and privately.In public, it often happens with one of them smiling as they deliver the jabs. If you’re with someone who picks on you, especially in public, this is a serious issue and you should definitely confront them about it. Plus, who wants to be put down by the person who is supposed to be one of your biggest fans?! Hopefully this list is helpful and if you know someone who would benefit from hearing some of this then please pass it along. John Van Epp I) are going to be holding a live free 60 minute webinar next month on Dr.

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