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I had jaw surgery, an osteotomy, to correct an underbite, when I was 38.

The reason I didn't have surgery when I was younger was the simple fact that I didn't know anything could be done, and no-one suggested it.

Well it's always nice to be called deformed isn't it, but even nicer to be landed with a 35,000CHF for the pleasure of solving it.

Currently, a sweet patient of mine ( I am a dental hygienist) was given an estimate of 25,000 for the surgery/ orthodontics.

He/she was almost in tears from the costs and stress of the procedure.

However, let's face it: Not so many years ago the solution suggested by your boss would have been frowned upon, not only in Switzerland.

Anything not involving extensive surgery and total bridges was ridiculed as make-shift tinkering.

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