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Until it closed a month ago, Nuts magazine advertised its Hook-ups service among the real girls Bedroom Babes pages, not blurring the lines between “media” and “real life” so much as fusing the two ideas.

Add to this the photos of ex-girlfriends texted among friends, the grabbed Snapchat images and the dodgy sex ‘n’ Photoshopping, and old distinctions between real and represented melt away.

The room was the lounge of a modern semi-detached house; two Dralon sofas, a big TV set, the faint odor of furniture polish and food.

Our tense, cushion-hugging self-consciousness was relieved by intermittent cheering and bursts of banter about who was and was not likely to get laid at the Town Hall disco later that evening.

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What, exactly, are we afraid of our children knowing?

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