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Although the colonial administration restricted education for Africans, they wanted a limited number of African to be educated and there was a special reason for it.

They needed them to work in administrative positions in government, local government and hospitals.

The colonies had to produce what was no longer possible to produce in Europe; the colonies produced food supply chains and a lot logistics supplies and training of military personnel was done in the colonies for Britain and its allies.

On the other hand; the white migration fleeing the war was very high; it was politic of the time to advertise work and living possibilities in the colonies from England.

Towns and cities were immerging and it was the African labor that went into it.

Labor laws were there that protected the white immigrants who worked in the industries.

Indeed the Africans from all tribal populations in southern Rhodesia embraced education; they realized it early that was the only means to better their own lives as the previous system values had shifted.

The lifestyles of kingdoms and central governments had been decimated by the settlers deeming the way of life of Africans as inferior to their white own civilization.

They found themselves begging for jobs to subsist in a system; capitalism; that was brought to them; forced-fed to be the development and they never saw this coming.It was the hut tax that forced the African s to work for the capitalist system that exploited its cheap labor.It was cheap labor that they had to sell most of the population was reduced to- Lewis model.Education brought another labor dimension in the lives of the peoples of Southern Rhodesia.The colonial administration did not want to educate African for fear that they might challenge the colonial system.

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It was paradise on earth to be a white person and lived in those heydays of strict separate development of the 1920s right up to the UDI in 1965 in Rhodesia.

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