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So I read that you have some pretty steamy webcam sessions? Broadcast at - pm, the NFB film included interviews with people who used and worked at such services. The Panel concludes that MTV Canada breached the requirements of Clauses 10 and 11 of the It goes without saying that there is no mathematical formula that can be applied to determine whether sexual content is exclusively intended for adult audiences. Daryn: All right, now, we, we have Josey Vogels here, uh, sex expert. […]The following segment consisted of an interview with Tina Courtney, a woman who had developed an online role-playing game in which the goal was to encourage the characters to engage in sexual experiences. All right, so our next guest has gone from producing, uh, video games for Disney and, uh, now she’s producing Naughty America. [A cartoon man and woman are seen in a bedroom, standing beside a bed. You can also allow other players in the game to be voyeurs, to watch what you’re up to. And so the other component to this, it’s very much the evolution of online dating. Daryn: Jo-, Josey Vogels, would you play this game? I love this concept much more than the, the turbo whatever. Below is my response letter to MTV which follows their “apology”.

Parents are strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in permitting viewing by pre-teens and early teens without parent/guardian supervision, as programming with this classification could deal with mature themes and societal issues in a realistic fashion. PG – Parental Guidance This programming, while intended for a general audience, may not be suitable for younger children (under the age of 8). Note: Exempt programming does not require an icon for on-screen ratings.While most of those who spoke made only vague or mild references to sex, one young man informed the hosts that someone had messaged him on an online chat forum and offered to pay him to have virtual sex on his webcam (a more complete transcript of relevant dialogue can be found in Appendix A). And it’s been like that our whole relationship, which I find very exciting. The CBSC Panels have, over time, built empirical criteria in the Council’s body of precedents and that jurisprudence grows, in principle, with every grey-scale decision.Host Jessi then read an e-mail from a viewer who suggested that “online sex for some is good because, really, if they have to go online to get it, I’m assuming they’re really ugly or have a missing limb.” Guest sex expert and author Josey Vogels provided her thoughts on how technology was changing dating and sex. (CBSC Decision 99/00-0772, August 23, 2001), for example, there was a prolonged scene of sexual activity in which the actors remained fully clothed.

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