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Pro tip: Create a private room that is the same as your user123456 name, and your friends can find it by putting You're welcome. Which means YOU need to share it with other people if you actually want to use it. If there are a bunch of cams that haven't gone live yet, they are blank. If there is a lot of site churn, with people flipping around, and not sticking with a room, it fluctuates. To the great joy, those days are long gone, and now the online video entertainment have become an doleyu vsestoronnerazvityh life on this planet, to whom it is interesting to intimate the abundance and easy availability in the vast global seti. omgcafe faq page A collection of the most frequently emailed and asked questions about this website. This is total bullshit as far as we are concerned, so we have a dedicated room for playing recorded video, or whatever. Most cam sites are polluted by "fake" cams and "ewhores", with people using cam splitters to show recordings of girls, pretending they are real. Do not complain about this, it keeps fakes in one place!

Where are the women/girls/thing that I am interested in?

The room labels exist mostly as a starting place, and so that there is a way for people to refer to things.

If you actually observe behaviour on this site, you learn a lot about people. People will congregate whereever they like, and will figure out the energy in a room.

Videos are also okay in private, or if you make a public room that CLEARLY says you are doing video. The live rooms are for people looking for hassle free, casual c2c cyber, end of story.

Live cams are pretty good quality, and only go blurry with action, not blocky in areas like a video. Videos belong in the videoplayback room, end of story.

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If you look at how the Start show system works, you see we could do it.

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