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On this specific KB there is a sample of C# application that allows manipulation of that attribute.

Well, we have been working a lot to upload images to Active Directory but in some point of the process you will be asked to remove it, right?

The script can be changed to meet your requirements, feel free to change it and if you add any new improvement, please let me know :).

The script does some tests, such as path validation and image size.

The first one is okay however we have a second option that is more elegant, we can use Set-Mailbox with –Remove Picture switch, the syntax is shown below: Set-Mailbox -Remove Picture In this article we went over the process of how to configure and send photos to the end-users. You can be adapting that script to your needs or creating your own script to allow end-users to update their own personal images.

Figure 05 Okay, attribute is configured to replicate and we have just uploaded a picture to a user. Outlook 2010 uses a lot the user’s picture and we will be able to see it all over the place, a couple of examples where you will notice the display pictures: Figure 06 Figure 07 In order to facilitate the process to upload images for one or more users I created a simple script to do that work.

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