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Pros of suburban tiny houses: One of the most encouraging trends in urban planning over recent years has been the increased acceptance of “accessory dwelling units” (ADUs), also known as backyard cottages, granny flats, in-law units, and by many other terms.

ADUs are not allowed everywhere, but progressive localities like Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon have recently begun not only to permit them but also to actively encourage their development.

To work as ADUs they need to comply with building and zoning codes, which means they must built on permanent foundations.

Still, the benefits of downsizing and simplifying are all there, with the added potential for rental income.

(Big cities like Chicago burned down with startling regularity in the not-too-distant past).

Public services such as fire departments, emergency rooms, and disaster response are less likely to be overwhelmed.

He and others advocate rural living as a return to simplicity, arguing it can help save money and improve quality of life.

As mentioned before, the tiny house village being proposed by the Four Lights Tiny House company is one great model to watch.These developments raise several questions, of course.How closely together can and should tiny houses be placed?For some tiny house builders, the countryside represents an escape from what they see as the overly restrictive requirements, and hectic atmosphere, of cities and towns.Rural areas tend to be more lightly regulated than cities or suburbs, and some have limited building codes or even no building codes at all.

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