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He’s always available to hang out and watch a movie, and he doesn’t care if you borrow his Baja hoodie for a few weeks.His constant one-liners keep the mood light, and he’s happy to be your boyfriend, hookup, booty call, or anything in between.I had to keep taking a break to go get another beer and try to relax. Even while you’re lazing in love on dry ground, it continues to rush by.And the wife and the husband are sitting there naked, and we’re all waiting, and it got super goddamn awkward till I could finally make it happen and we could all get it on. And when it’s time to jump back in, it’s easy to get crushed on those jagged rocks.“Date” night usually involved a trip into Allston to hang out at his frat.

A beta male is the ultimate nondemanding boyfriend: He’s never competitive and doesn’t mind your focus on work or school.When we did hook up, he’d kick me out of bed at 5 a.m. But every time I voiced the fact that it wasn’t fun anymore—that maybe I’d constructed his beta-ness in my head—he would make a sarcastic reference, offer up a bag of Lay’s Sour Cream & Onion, and flash an endearing grin. As told to Alexandra Hall This guy tells me on the sly he wanted to humiliate his wife sexually, and they’d talked about it, and she was okay with that.But I didn’t know what was going on and it was late—like 2 [a.m.].I chat up the founder of a gay craft-beer club; fling a few pop-culture references over the head of a nice Spanish guy with halting English; and meet an adorable ginger with whom I’m slightly smitten, though I suspect the feeling is not mutual. Cool.”) But guys who grew up with smartphones in their hands treat Grindr like Facebook with more skin; sometimes they even (gasp! The Back Bay joint is the legacy act among Boston gay bars. ( I wonder as I scroll through his Linked In profile later.) There’s no way to ignore the great migration online. We’re visiting on a quiet Wednesday, seated at the front bar beside a James Franco–looking cutie who is feeling conversational.

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But with LGBT progress has come the shuttering of many gay bars.

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