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The colleague who has put on weight and seems uncharacteristically placid: is she taking something?

What about the neighbour who seems unconcerned when I point out that her toddler, still in his pyjamas, isn’t fastened into the car seat? No, nor did I guess that one of my oldest friends was.

And, as he points out, one of the ironies of mood-altering drugs such as these lies in how their side effects can mirror the very symptoms they are meant to relieve.

The biological symptoms of depression and anxiety – lower libido, no energy, disconnected, even suicidal feelings – are often replicated exactly in people who take antidepressants or tranquillisers.

And at the school gates, the gossip is about the “zombie mummies”: the ones who are so out of it that we worry about leaving our children in their charge. I vowed to vet parents more carefully when, after a sleepover, my daughter Isabella confessed she hadn’t had any supper because the mother (dad was away on a business trip) had shut herself in her bedroom and didn’t surface until the next morning. I thought her offhand manner had been prompted by something I’d said.

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After my own fleeting experience of the impact of such drugs, I find myself indulging (guiltily) in a new guessing game.

Who, in my circle of friends and acquaintances, is on them and who isn’t?

The Stepford scenario is only true when there has been “poor management of the antidepressant’’, he says.

''The good professional, GP or psychotherapist conducts a clinical diagnosis of any patient who complains of depression, phobias, anxiety: what are the symptoms, and do they need chemical assistance or counselling?

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Under normal circumstances, maternal feelings stirring, I would have offered his mother the boiled sweets I suck during take-off and landing to offset painful changes in pressure; I might even have taken his palm to trace “Round and round the garden...” to distract him.

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