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So this is along those lines, but empowering this girl (in a horrible backwards way) to do the same thing but on her own terms.Her being willing to do that for her family is actually quite noble, given all of the safety and emotional issues that you can expect to go with.I didn’t want to do that yet so this post will (hopefully) be more original for you :) Anyways, tons of variables when you’re considering something so big and drastic like this.If you guys ever go down this route just promise me you’ll think it through entirely, okay?X( Finally, what makes her think her virginity is worth that kind of money?From what I’ve heard guys don’t find virgins particularly exciting. If it’s more from a historical standpoint, then we know where her thought process is, but virgin (male and female) generally suck at this particular thing.

) Not to be the super big downer on an otherwise deliciously salacious story… But in the end I would simply find it too terrifying. I thought about selling my lip virginity, but I don’t think that would fetch a very high price.Thanks so much, – Now normally I’d link to the site and so you all can review and gawk at, but something tells me it would generate way more hate than the opposite ;) And since this dear young lady was trying to do me a favor to break the news here first, I don’t want to be the one who screws her. I do, however, have no problem sharing my thoughts on it all and then opening it up for your feedback. :)) So, my thoughts: My brain is going a mile a minute here, but that’s the gist of my feelings towards it.After all, anything having to do with money AND sex is the best type of stuff! I should go back and see what I wrote all those years ago and see if my opinions still match up, haha…If I were her I would almost rather sell marriage and not just a one off sexscapade. Money, I wouldn’t sell my body in any way, except maybe modeling some bicycles or something (I love bikes).She could easily get to know the man/men before hand, pick which one and have a slight chance at a happy life. I don’t really see how this will work out for her because like you said, you can get/find sex for free.

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