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The only real scene that doesn’t quite fit with the comedic plot is a laborious scene in the middle of the film, as Molly and Kirk argue over their dating scenario at length.Whilst Jay Baruchel is the only recognisable face from small roles in films like Knocked Up and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist he does well in a leading role here, with great comic timing.The Montreal resident, 27, tells Us about the role -- and why he insisted on a butt double.Us You didn't want to play this guy as a total loser, right?Characters drink beer, wine, champagne, and martinis. Lanky Baruchel plays a geeky airport security officer who falls for a gorgeous blonde party planner (Alice Eve), and, to his friends' great surprise, begins dating her.When the girl gets it back after losing it, her response is something like "You saved my life." The hero drives a Dodge Neon, which is constantly referred to in a joking manner. The characters are all of drinking age, and drink often, but not to overindulgence.

We have almost constant swearing, with countless uses of the word "f--k" in all its permutations.

There are no over exuberant plot lines or predictable clichés, and it’s easy to sympathise and identify with Kirk.

The best jokes in the film are not found in these (hit and miss) sex gags, but in some hilarious continuation gags; happily married Devon repeatedly asks Molly whether her friend Wendy (Jasika Nicole) has mentioned him after he met her at a party, and Kirks doting and overenthusiastic family are quirkily odd enough to lead the plot into some great situation jokes.

The movie also contains multiple uses of, but is not limited to: "s--t," "Goddamn it," "my God," "balls," "p---y," "ass," "bitch," "dick," plus insults like "moron" and jargon like "raw-dogging" and "jizzed." We also see the extended middle finger.

Believe it or not, among all the vulgar humor, the movie has a solidly positive message about being true to oneself and valuing people based on their character instead of their looks.

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Though most of the film is spent rating people on their appearance, and giving them 1-to-10 ratings (Molly [Alice Eve] is a "hard ten," while Kirk [Jay Baruchel] is a "five"), Kirk, and all the other characters as well, come to learn that who a person is inside counts for more.

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