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Adult-calf groups accounted for 62'/ o\' the groups observed in Summer and 50% of the groups observed in Spring. Assuming this stand was relatively even- aged (as suggested by the regeneration ecology of E. The mean girth of both colour forms was virtually identical (126 em vs 127 cm, Chi-square test. Similarly, the two forms occurred on similar lopsoil tex- tures (/; 0.67). lopsoil p H (/ The first year was a sleep learning curve for everyone and the major challenges were learning to identify the local plants.There was no significant difference (p = 0.534) between the number of adult-calf groups observed in the two seasons. (1998)" Two hundred years ol land use and vegetation change in a remnant coastal woodland in southern Australia. camphora) and a single growth /one was laid down each year, this would suggest the stand was established prior to 1973. Use til growth rings to determine past phasmatid defoliation of Alpine Ash forests. getting the sampling correct and develop- ing reliable survey techniques.Mean length o\' time dolphins stayed at different shore distances in the study area = the total time dolphins were observed at a particular shore distance per sighting divided by the number of sightings at that shore distance. These two chapters alone make the book a worthwhile read, as the dynamics of Koala populations, and the manner in which Chlamydia acts upon them, is poorly under- stood.Group sizes (%) = the total lime dolphins were observed in different group sizes divided by the total lime dolphins were observed expressed as a percentage. Yet it has far-reaching implications for the management of the species.I lived out this iin mid comes out and it's ti perfect oftei way twenty five years ago, and siill noon to head foi the bush. The authors acknowledge that few Australian animals are as steeped in misconception and mis- understanding as our beloved Koala and state that c one of the problems of dealing with an animal.Hut where can remembei the fight to save this remnant yon go in hall a 25 dolphins. Neonatal was defined as i) an indi- vidual less than 120 em long (Lilian et al, 1996); ii) closely associated to an adult member at least twice its si/e; iii) presence Of fetal folds and, iv) awkward and imma- lure swimming (Defran et al, 1999). .is that we tend to lose track of the basic facts of its biology.' Perhaps more than anything else, the sec- ond edition's purpose is to dispel these misconceptions.

224 /v Mm i i iu in 220 • i \, nuij's ami pit i It *.\ A'A7' ,} '• ( (Hifi Ktii tin FNCV Bookshop) Considci 1 1 u- following scenarios, The to ( ong Forcsi Flora Reserve, the only nat- weather has been lousy foi three quarters ol urally occurring patch ol malice south of the weekend but at lunch time on Sunday, the Great Dividing Range. The second edition successfully redresses this information *Iag\ while retaining the read- ability of the original book.Group size of Bottlenose Dolphins observed expressed as a pereentage. This work is without doubt the most comprehensive summary of what is known about this unique Australian. These patches of dense forest within a more open matrix of E. camphora vegetation across the Reserve may not be even-aged. Rood or severe windstorm may have resulted in patches of younger forest becoming estab- lished. Two major vegetation zones occur in the reserve: an open eucalypt woodland (domi- nated by Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodo- Vol. Surface and subsoil (50 cm deep) soil samples were also collected at each the southern end of Port Phillip Bay Group Size 2-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 25 Time Sighted (&) 27.9 Time Range (min) 10-120 19.2 7 15-90 20-45 8.7 13.6 23.6 40-120 25-135 10-120 occasion was not significantly different between each other (Kruskal-Wallis test: X 2 = 3301; df= Z, 48; p= 0.192). I thoroughly recommend this book to all koalaphiles, especially those with an interest in the conservation and management of the species. Forest structure may also be influ- enced by heterogeneous site conditions. Marie ON \/ Eucalyptus camphora Seven trees were cored within Helmeted Honeyeatcr occupied habitat and ten out- side. The distribution of Some Eucalyptus species (the Swamp Gums) in the Yarra Vallev. Soil pi I was measured using a llanna Soil p H Meter, texture was assessed by Northcote's (1979) hand texture method, and soil colour was compared against a Munsell Soil Colour Chart using m o i s l sa m pies u n d e r natural light. Most trees in the reserve regenerated in a major recruitment pulse in the late ISOOs (Parks Victoria 1997; Parker 1999), st) the similarity in tree girths indicates that both colour forms have grown at the same growth rate throughout this century. Sara Maroske Department of History & Philosophy of Science. Membership is open to any person interested in natural history and includes beginners as well as experienced naturalists. You may not like what you learn from it, but you will find Low's passion and information so com- pelling that you will not be able to slop turning the pages. Reg No A0033M1X "* Established 1880 In which is incorporated the Microscopical Society of Victoria OBJECTIVES: To stimulate interest in natural history and to preserve and protect Australian flora and fauna.

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