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Lay everything out on the table, and be sure to discuss what this arrangement will consist of. And if so, will you stick to a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy? This will avoid any resentful feelings, and will help to preserve the friendship, even after you’ve cut ties.Be honest with each other In order to make it work with your FWB, you both need to be honest with each other at all times.If you are spending a lot of time together — such as going out on dates a couple nights a week, sleeping over each other’s houses, doing stuff during the day — BUT the person tells you that they don’t want a serious relationship, you are “friends with benefits.” No matter what you’d like to think, this person had made it perfectly clear that you are not together.

Though you both may feel fine with the situation initially, things can get messy without either of you even realizing it.But, if you’re the kind of person who’s into PDA, needs constant attention, and get jealous easily, FWB is not for you. Will you get jealous if he’s talking to other girls?Will it upset you if he doesn’t text you all the time or doesn’t want to cuddle?Letting your FWB know about what is working for you and what isn’t is imperative to keep the arrangement going strong – and to avoid any feelings of hurt or resentment.Realize that there’s an expiry date If this arrangement were to keep on going, you’d be dating. Know when to end it If you find yourself getting jealous over little things (a harmless text message from another girl, for example), then it’s probably time to cut things off.

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