Automatic updates keeps updating same patch deist dating

So much in fact, they have created this site: / the tiny URL is I hope this will help those with problems. Kay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ registry entry for the patch is not, so when the update comes round again and looks at the registry it is not there, so does it all over.

What scares me, they are responsible for an awful lot of software out there! Microsoft Customers Service will deal with this without charging, if you provide them with the details of the SP and/or the patch number, either by providing details of how to patch the registry manually or by supplying a file patch.

Make sure the only program you are running is Internet explorer.

If you have programs in your taskbar that start automatically, turn them off *everything* only allow Internet Explorer to run, and then do all the updates.

Go to Windows Update and download & install the desired patches. Try this: Do a System Restore to a point prior to the update.

Turn off your Anti-Virus program's "Auto-Protect" feature (or just turn off the AV program all together. -Neal of the Windows update reminder was an artifact of the update notification system, not an indication that the updates hadn't been installed on my system.

When I checked the Update page, it was saying that everything was loaded.

Kay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ patch for IE (the same patch) that never installs.

I've tried just about everything, including reinstalling XP, which appears to be the only way that you can reinstall IE over a period months. Mike installation history, it says that those two specific updates failed.

Even today, there were three patches to download, and the third installed successfully, but the same two did not.

David Ferrier [email protected] (780) 454 5737 | (it's free for personal use) it will show you what fixes, etc are on your machine that are failing, or don't verify at all.

There may be a problem, especially if you aren't shutting the Virus Protection down before you get the updates.

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My automatic windows updater has asked about downloading the updates: 810577 Security Update and 811630 Critical Update (Windows XP) I have downloaded and installed the updates.

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