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With nearly triple the careers and two children from the Capitol thrown in it's more like a nightmare to the lower districts. This year most definitely will be one to remember... Luffy wants to be the Pirate King, but waiting 10 years is long.

Enter: the Captain, a Time (Lord) Pirate out for adventure and fun. Everybody knows life through the eyes of Katniss, but what is the true way of life for those in the Districts? Her dream may have come true, but many other dreams have been smashed.

Can I write fanfics and/or make fanart of your OCs? I love it when people use my OCs in their stories/art! These are the stories of the seventy-five victors of The Hunger Games. [28/75]Before Katniss and Peeta, seventy-three children won the Hunger Games. Give it a try, its a fast pace,action packed,and full of drama story. ) Insanity ensues and Thames can't help but either submit to the Straw Hats' dictatorship (Sheeple, the whole bunch of them), or commit suicide. PLEASE RESPECT.)" For better for worse,[...], till death us do part." Designer Crocodile Emporio and actor Doflamingo Donquichotte have to overcome many problems to finally become a romantic couple.

My personal Tumblr, however, is one of those run-of-the-mill aesthetic blogs that have pictures of potted plants in bathrooms, Seinfeld screenshots, and Vaporwave songs.10. These are the children who lived, the ones who made it out, the boys and girls who gave up everything to survive. Reaped along with the best and brightest tributes of their districts, how did he manage to come home? WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATING MY STORIES IN FANFICTION.

The health and safety of everyone on the road can depend on a single driver.Follow his adventures as he discovers new friends, new places, and a whole lot more trouble. (TW for mentions of suicide, self-harm, rape, and death among others.)Far into the future, Devil Fruits have been outlawed.Lily Bloom is a selfish, spoiled girl who is supposed to get to June Island at the end of the Grand Line, where she will live the rest of her life as a wealthy housewife. But an unfortunate event causes her perfect plans to be, well, screwed.Spread the ancient strain of vampirism known as FX's hit series The Strain with your very own collection of Pop! - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs.

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I used to like anime a lot, then I discovered other shows on Netflix. Some were broken before they even entered, some were left with scars even the Capitol couldn't hide. (A series of one-shots)Preqeul to OP: Rot PQ, formally Luffy's Life by Ay Benelli. But she didn't need to know, all she cared about was the future. As their paths cross their fates are sealed, and soon, so are their futures.

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