Can tall girls dating short guys

For guys looking to score dates, short and sweet works.Caitlin says she had a fling with someone who was 5-foot-8 and liked him because he didn’t care about the height difference.Dating isn’t always easy for short guys and tall girls. Society tells guys to feel protective and girls protected.Plus, kissing someone too tall or short can be awkward and walking down the street might elicit stares.But hardwiring and pressure aside, what do we gain from closing ourselves off to dates outside of our height comfort zones? According to a recently buzzed-about study, luck runs short for guys under 5-foot-9 dating online in New York City.I’ve come across plenty of girls’ profiles that tell undersized admirers to stay away.But I probably wouldn’t be attracted to a guy who is super insecure for any reason,” she says.Morgan says that her partner’s height is important for physical reasons.

From my dating history, one could gather that I'm pretty open minded when it comes to who I date.He was well dressed and had a brilliant smile and it was soon quite apparent he could control a room with his humor because our table spent half the event laughing and hearing some great stories from him.I just thought this guy was pretty cool, but I mean, it was a work thing, and I wasn't really going there with my dating hat on, so if anything any interactions between us were strictly professional and platonic.I have not been one of those, he has to be this race, or he had to go to this college, or has to to have this color hair as automatic disqualifies because I always felt that if we have a connection or some spark or whatever people like to call it, that that should be what leads to a date or relationship, not some arbitrary list of skin color, hair color, eye color, or in this case, height and so I've dated just about every race, I've dated the chubby guy, the skinny guy, the disabled guy, the rich guy, the poor guy, what have you.I hate to compare guys to a plate of food, but you can't really know if you like or dislike someone or something until you actually give it a as a tall woman, I took the opportunity to date a short guy because there was that spark there. When I stood up from my table to shake his hand, his head was a few inches below my shoulder level.

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“Tall guys only please” appears in profile descriptions often, like it’s a defining characteristic.

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