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The last verse makes it very very clear that the song is about the relationship he had with Joan Baez, who he left when he moved on musically and felt that he did not need her there.

But he still missed their intimacy, the intimacy you have with someone on many levels when that person is a fellow creative artist with whom you are in love.

) "We sit here stranded" (the various inhabitants of the building/companions of the narrator temporarily confined together by circumstance?

) "The country music station plays soft but there's nothing really nothing to turn off" (by accounts, most of the metro area TV stations and half of the FM radio stations went dead - so was the country music station one of the only available choices on the battery-powered transistor radio?

Dylan detested having his songs "dissected like rabbits" but the curious can't help it sometimes to want a glimpse of the workings of the artist's mind.

The fact that Dylan, a folk music god, would go electric blew the minds of the traditional folkies then. He wrote the song right at the point at which he married a pregnant Sarah Lowndes. Most parts of New York City were without power from around pm until am the next morning.

The two couples beside me, along with about 25% of the audience, left grumbling when they saw the electric guitar. It's a guilt song, and a song about embarking on a new commitment. I believe that the surreal atmosphere of this song may have been inspired by the widespread electrical black-out which plunged a large part of the U. Temperatures in NYC that day averaged 35-45 degrees F.

This Song--Visions of Johanna--is about Joan Baez primarily and the thoughts he has, the visions he has which revolve around her and their musical and intimate relationship.

The previous "meaning" which previously appeared here is TOTAL NONSENSE meant to deliberately mislead the reader.

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