Christian dating muslim men

Unlike Christianity where there seems to be a lot of "grace" and "forgiveness", which many of our "Christian sisters" have, unfortunately, taken for granted. this is not only untrue but invalided stretching of theories to fit the fact.

REAL christian girls are some of the strictest and most disciplined set of women you will ever see.

(Note that I did not say they're "Christians", before someone starts to define to me, what it means to be a "Christian".

Many Muslim girls I know, are usually very discplined compared to their Christrian counterpart.

Christian girls who date muslims need to check the validity of their supposed faith. Allah has a huge crisis of identity and a problem with consistency.wonderful take oga seun.

Muslim males dont want to be seen with hijab-wearing girls and YET they cry about their love for islam. Well, this aint new though, because is alow in the religion to date xtain, but if ur talking about does that just want to wea there self, would say the xtain gurls are very simple to wae than the muslems once! muslim girls do it too they dont flauntit or do it openly because of the reaction of their community.

And I think it is because of the way their religion makes them view things - No mercy if caught doing wrong.

I've spent sometime in the North of Nigeria, Muslim men are very charming and know how to pursue a woman with caring words.

Just ask the ultra conservative deeper life members.

In christianity there is "grace and forgiveness" BUT NOT to continue in sin.davidylan:this is not only untrue but invalided stretching of theories to fit the fact.

Because the Muslim guys wants more converts to Islam and getting more babies through that is another option.

Don't forget that Muslims are allowed to marry many wives so after the Xtian wife, they will then go back for Adijat, Aminat, Kuburat [email protected] If you're talking of 'conc' Muslim men dating 'conc' Christian ladies, then I think you got it all wrong.

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