Consolidating sql servers best practices

This is a recommendation that would apply to any SQL Server database, but for tempdb it’s even more relevant.When you restart your SQL Server instance, tempdb is re-created (files will be reused if they already exist) and sized to the value specified in the database properties, which as you’ve just seen is only 8MB for the data file and 1MB for the log file by default.

To give the service account the necessary rights, you can use the Local Group Policy Editor, shown in Figure 3, by running Once IFI is working, you can set autogrow to be large fixed amounts for data files.50MB or 500MB are good values depending on the size of the database, but any size is created virtually instantly so you avoid any downtime.This is obviously a difficult question to answer without more details about the workload, but there is still some guidance that you can use.First of all, unless you’re running SQL Server Express, set tempdb to be bigger than the default; that’s an easy one.

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