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While it’s certainly possible for an amateur to add an outlet or replace a light switch with a dimmer switch, doing much more probably means hiring a licensed electrician.We’ve noted that Bill was the electrician and Kevin was the plumber when we built Kevin’s house and remodeled Bill’s.But devices such as microwave ovens, cooktops, ovens and clothes dryers require a dedicated circuit. Generally a 14-2 Romex cable will serve most outlets.Here are a few rules of thumb when thinking about the electrical requirements in your house:1. This means two insulated 14-gauge wires and one bare wire encased in a rubber sheath.Depending on the usage, a couple of fewer outlets per circuit might be in order.3.

You recommended that he upgrade to a 200-amp main electrical panel. Is 200 amps the new baseline standard for residential electrical service?Both of us had pretty extensive experience before tackling these projects, and we studied up before moving forward.And, on all these jobs, permits were pulled and our work was signed off by building inspectors.Plugs installed in basements, garages, outdoors and bathrooms also require GFCI protection.5.Electric dryers require a 30-amp outlet protected by a 30-amp circuit breaker, while an electric oven mandates a 50-amp and 8-gauge wire protected by a 50-amp breaker.6.

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