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Vanessa, Jasmine and Danielle all ended up off by themselves crying and Nick declared the day a disaster.Nick tried to salvage the date at the cocktail party.“Nothing was awkward between us because what happened wasn’t like, something bad; it was just a mutual kind of thing. But we still were really, really close friends afterwards so [going on tour] wasn’t awkward or anything like that.” That’s nice to hear!Zach obv isn’t a total newbie to love, which is why his first ballad doesn’t disappoint.And Nick thanked Taylor for caring about him, then got rid of her and went back to sucking face with Corinne.“What I’m learning today is how cats have nine lives and bitches have two,” said Corinne, which makes zero sense but what the hell, we’ll take it.Nick got the party started by whisking Kristina off in a seaplane for a one-on-one date.

Jasmine, who was already wound up about going on perpetual group dates, started getting aggressive with Nick, which annoyed Raven.“If Jasmine was a vegetable she’d be a turnip because she’s turned all the way up,” observed Raven snarkily.

Seriously, could that episode have been more of a downer?

Raven proved suspiciously prescient when she said early in the show, “Saint Thomas is the perfect place to fall in love and it’s the perfect place to send people home.”How true that turned out to be when Nick took nine women to the U. Virgin Island — having already dispatched four in New Orleans — and ditched three more well ahead of the next rose ceremony.

Zach Clayton, better know as Bruhitszach on musical.ly, is one of the most recent Musers who made the jump from social media to the music industry, taking his combined nine MILLION followers along for the ride.

While his first three singles were total JAMS, his newest song, “Odd Petals,” (which dropped YESTERDAY) just might be his best (and for sure his most romantic) one yet. A couple of weeks ago, fans started to piece together evidence that seemingly proved there was a romance brewing between the 16-year-old and fellow star, Daniella Perkins. Key words here: “official,” “out there,” and “yet.” WINK WINK WINK!

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The Rose Ceremony: There was no cocktail party since Nick didn’t want to waste anyone’s time by, you know, speaking to women he’d already decided to get rid of. Whitney, who said more words expressing her fear of going home than we’ve heard from her all season, squeaked by with the last rose of the night.

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