Dating a fossil carbon 14

The numerator of the C/C ratio could also have been different before the Flood.Some of the factors that could reasonably affect the numerator are the cosmic ray flux and the amount of carbon-14 existing at the time of creation.Accordingly, the pre-Flood reservoir of ordinary carbon would have been some 180-510 as much as at present.

LONG-AGE THEORIES PREDICT NO CARBON-14 IN GEOLOGICALLY OLD SAMPLES In the first category — long-age theories —, some rather definite predictions can be made about samples that are assigned an age greater than 100,000 years.

Amorphous or crystalline calcium carbonate may or may not have been in equilibrium with the biosphere.

Therefore, to find the pre-Flood pool of ordinary carbon, one would need to add all the coal, oil, and possibly natural gas reserves, and some percentage of the world deposits of limestone.

It is not unreasonable to postulate a very low, non-equilibrium total amount of carbon-14 in the original atmosphere.

This is not likely to be explained by the theory that there was no carbon-14 immediately after creation because creation was perfect.

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