Dating a guy with a live in girlfriend

But every once in a while, talk to him about something serious and even intellectual.

Create interesting conversations and let him see how smart and aware you are.

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It sucks when this happens, but every time you do meet the perfect guy, there’s a good chance’s he’s already in love ‘with the wrong woman’.

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But the truth is, he’s not in a relationship with you just yet.

So don’t break the suspense bubble by telling him that you like him.

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If he does say that, it’s obviously going well in your favor.

The next time you’re having a conversation with him, invite him along with your own group of friends and try getting some alone time with him.

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A few of your girl friends may already know you like him, and they can definitely help by adding a few ‘awkward’ comments like “you guys look good together! It’s awkward and funny, and it’s going to be perfect!

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