Dating a man with a big ego

When a stranger checks out a guy’s girlfriend, the boyfriend usually reacts with an immediate hostile response. This is only an issue if the stranger continues to pursue after you tell him that you’re a couple.

Being threatened by something so insignificant screams insecurity. At that point, it’s best to take your girl and walk away.

And when you’re that upset over nothing, you’re unable to build positive, productive habits.

Most of the time, things that set us off shouldn’t even bother us. You’re wasting too much time and energy for no reason.

Interestingly though, once he’s established as a man and finds himself a wife, it’s his wife who he looks to for guidance, for approval and for validation.

We all know that how parents treat their children in their formative years has a huge impact on their own perceptions of themselves.

Men and women struggle sometimes to understand one another.

Don’t take out your unhappiness about being single out on other people.

In the same way, wives, you have the power to reassure your husband, to be an emotional rock for him, to love him through his mistakes and to encourage him when he’s struggling.

A wife’s depth of emotional strength and endurance (something that’s often under estimated) can be used to support and help her husband be all that he can possibly be.

Unless you don’t trust your partner, you have nothing to worry about. I find it ridiculous when men scoff at men who are in great shape.

It’s not like she’s going to be so flattered that she jumps his bones on the spot. Just because a guy works out a lot doesn’t mean he’s a meathead or less intelligent. Anyone who makes fun of that usually feels shame about their appearance.

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So on the surface, I don’t have any obvious problems with my sense of worth and self-esteem.

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