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Eulalia was born in the Royal Palace of Madrid, the youngest child of Queen Isabella II of Spain and of her husband, Francis of Spain.

She was baptized on 14 February 1864 with the names Maria Eulalia Francisca de Asis Margarita Roberta Isabel Francisca de Paula Cristina Maria de la Piedad.

The Woman in Rose, which has become the symbol of the museum, is exhibited in the penultimate room.

Infanta Eulalia of Spain was a Spanish princess known for her controversial books.

There he met the circle of Tuscan realist painters, known as the Macchiaioli, developing a particularly close friendship with Telemaco Signorini and Christiano Banti.

They were a considerable influence on Boldini and introduced him to painting from nature, contemporaneous with the Barbizon painters of France.

Eulalia was the author of several works which were controversial within royal circles, although she never ceased to have frequent contact with her relatives both in Spain and elsewhere.

In 1868 Eulalia and her family were forced to leave Spain by the revolution. She received her first communion in Rome from Pope Pius IX.

In his business ventures there he made use of financiers Hermann Eckstein and Sir Joseph Robinson.

He founded the Robertson Syndicate and the firm of Wernher, Beit & Co.

During this period he painted a series of small-scale works of eighteenth-century and Empire scenes, commissioned by Adolphe Goupil and other Parisian dealers, but also concentrated on scenes of Parisian life and pictures of elegantly dressed women, many of which were also sold by Goupil.

Boldini was accepted as one of the foremost portrait painters of the Belle Epoque in Paris during the 1890's.

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