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This trim pot acts just like turning down the VOLUME knob on your guitar, to clean up the fuzz.It can be used to preset the sound as with the volume knob rolled back a bit.These are ugly but perfect for testing the transistors for four parameters which are critical for the best sounding fuzz.We have since reboxed it into a steel cabinet so it's more rugged.It also allows easier control of the volume knob on your guitar when the white CLEAN trim pot is turned a bit.It can also be used to kill Radio Frequency Interference, which may be a problem on high gain pedals in some areas, by turning it down a hair.

For these reasons, it's really tough for a large company to mass produce a classic germanium fuzzface that sounds good. We can build our SUNFACE pedal for you, or modify your existing Fuzz Face, either a Dunlop reissue or Arbiter UK reissues to make them sound GREAT, just like Clapton in Cream or early Hendrix.Analog Man Vintage guitar effects Samples | Artists and reviews | Power supply issues | Sunface ordering See our FAQ for the history of the fuzz face.Disclaimer: A fuzz face is not an easy pedal to get a great sound out of!At 9, it is a nice smooth bluesy tone, like Clapton in Cream.At 10, it is quite fuzzy, especially if you have hot pickups or humbuckers.

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Since silicon transistors took over from germanium about 40 years ago, almost nobody makes germaniums anymore, and the few that are made just don't do the trick in a fuzzface circuit.

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