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Plus, with nearly four million males in NYC, I don’t have time to date all of them and debunk my findings.With that, I give you my guide to dating by the borough.They might get upset if you persistently call and text because you thought your make-out encounter was something special. I don’t have a published book nor am I in a relationship right now, but so far I have written a book and been dumped in a nearly-perfect relationship.There’s always the “there are so many people here so I’m bound to meet someone next weekend” attitude, but that attitude gets kinda tiring after dozens of weekends in a row with hoards of new faces. Apparently, some people associate dating sites with shame. The reason is beyond me, but just for any naysayers who persist on feeling ashamed of their stints on various dating sites, it is no longer trashy.I know, it’s depressing that our standards have sunk so low that suddenly being willing to travel for a half hour on the subway has become the epitome of chivalry.Every neighborhood in New York City has its own culture and vibe, making for a diverse group of locals.But don’t be surprised if you feel as if you’re at a job interview for at least the first hour of your date. Sure, I’m cool with the starving artist types, but the ones I’ve met seem to lack follow-through and rarely make the effort to plan anything in advance. The Bronx I’ve never had any romantic sparks with guys from the Bronx, but I like their aura.Ex: “Yo, I’ll be in your neighborhood in about 30 minutes. They do their own thing, the area isn’t as affected by gentrification (yet), and they keep it real. Staten Island Despite hearing so many New Yorkers poke fun at Staten Islanders, I have a soft spot for my SI boys.

Art exhibitions are a cost-effective way to meet cultured singles in New York.Having spent several years dating my way around the Big Apple and getting to know guys from all parts of the city, I find it interesting – not to mention, hilarious – how some eligible (and not so eligible) bachelors have certain character traits in common, simply based on their borough.As a disclaimer, I’ll say that even though the following is based on real-life experiences, there are exceptions to every stereotype and these are just some sweeping generalities I’ve noticed.Meeting an eligible bachelor or bachelorette during a meditation class may not immediately seem like the best idea.In New York though, meditation communities bond over wellness – gathering after class and going on meditation retreats.

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