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After binge watching some of our favorite DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies) last night (Twitches and Halloweentown, anyone?) we started wondering what it would be like if the Keepers met the characters from these classic movies.Don't forget to send in your fairlie powers ideas and vote for your favorites, Ridley's just about to pick which one's will be going in the new book!-KKI Brooke Hey Insiders, Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas for fairlie powers! This challenge is still open for a little while longer, so please pop on over to the challenge page to let us know what you think.What are some possible “gifts” that other Barracks 14 Fairlies might possess? Everyone who contributes an idea that I use will be thanked in the Acknowledgements to the book!

In honor of ten years of our favorite books, we want to hear what Kingdom Keepers means to you.

For the KK meets Disney Channel challenge, the winner is Happy New Year, Insiders!

I’m working on the third book of The Return, and could use your help!

We'll have those results up soon, but first, we're excited to share the winner of the "What does Kingdom Keepers Mean to You? It was one of the hardest challenges to judge, because Ridley and the entire KKI team loved hearing that the series has meant as much to you as it has to us.

However, we do have to pick a winner, so congrats to Hey Insiders!

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