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In the 1940's, the Alexander Doll Company developed the first doll's eyes that could open and close. Behrman herself won several awards for her work, including winning the Fashion Academy Gold Medal Award four times, plus receiving Doll Reader magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Madame Alexander herself passed away in 1990, but her company, now under new ownership, continues to create out high-quality, charming dolls.

She has created many topical doll series, such as "The First Ladies of the United States," depicting each in her inaugural gown, as well as "The Opera Series", a "Fairy Tale Series", and many more.

Her 8" Wendy doll, introduced in 1953, is still being made today and is considered to be a valuable collectible.

This guide provides an overview of these dolls, as well as a few tips on how to start collecting vintage Madame Alexander dolls on e Bay, and how to care for a collection. Her father repaired dolls, operating the first doll hospital in America, and young Beatrice Alexander soon opened her own doll company.

Although she finally retired in her nineties, the company she founded is still going strong.

A December 2005 article in Forbes magazine analyzed the most popular American toys by decade, with help from the Toy Industry Association.

The information provided by the database includes: Whether you are a serious doll collector or have a few treasured Madame Alexander vintage dolls from your childhood and want to add to your collection, being aware of current Madame Alexander doll values helps you to shop wisely for the next beautiful addition to your doll shelf.

The prices given in Madame Alexander price and identification guides are the current retail values of the dolls at the time the book was published.

There are many excellent price guides for Madame Alexander dolls available from Amazon including: A valuable online resource for Madame Alexander doll collectors is Doll Values, a simple to use database listing approximately 5,300 Madame Alexander dolls.

In June 2012, the Madame Alexander Doll Company was sold to Kahn Lucas, owners of Dollie & Me.

The Madame Alexander Doll Club is separate from The Alexander Doll Company, but the company supports club efforts by creating new limited edition dolls for club events.

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Many people consider "vintage" to be anything less than a 100 or more than 50 years old.

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