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Human practices are the result of natural talent, training, and discipline.

The virtues or excellences of a human practice are entirely at baptism. In divine virtues, our efforts are to get out of the way so that the divine virtue can bear fruit.

To enter into a practice, therefore, is to subject one's "attitudes, choices, preferences and tastes to the standards which currently and partially define the practice." Mac Intyre observes that "we cannot be initiated into a practice without accepting the authority of the best standards realized so far." With respect to a practice, our feelings are irrelevant.

Our personal druthers are likewise immaterial when it comes to a practice.

, such as the practice of law, medicine, music, etc.

For one thing, strictly human practices do not involve grace, something which is gratuitous and divine in origin.

These, along with the extraordinary or ordinary infallible definitions or teachings, define the "standards of excellence that are appropriate to, and partially define, the form of activity" of Catholic practice.

(Though one might argue, in some but not all of the cases, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary modes of teaching, I think it is impossible honestly to believe that the teachings, regardless of their mode, are non-infallible and so submit his intellect and will to the authentic teachings of the Church on faith and morals.Finally, the teaching of the Papal regarding homosexuality as found in the Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons (No.3) is that the homosexual inclination, though not itself a sin, is an "objective disorder," and homosexual activity itself is "intrinsically disordered" and hence always gravely sinful.The term "practice" cannot therefore be used univocally (with identical meaning) when going from the mundane to the supernatural.Nevertheless, there are establishes the "standards of excellence that are appropriate to, and partially define, the form of activity" as well as the rules that embody those standards as it relates to internal assent or religious submission.

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