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As perhaps an example of trying something outside of your comfort zone, if you've never tried speed dating this can be a nervous but exciting experience with the benefit of meeting people you may not normally come across in your current social circles.Getting over this the lack of control that you might have felt if you've been rejected may also be a case of accepting that life is difficult and we all want different things and unfortunately there are going to be people who do and do not get what they would like.Trying to pre-empt what could be going through their head might be a help, so that you can think about your feelings beforehand and not have to try and give concise answers in the heat of the moment. Has the relationship been “on the rocks”, been going through difficult times and will it not come as a complete surprise or alternatively will it come as a major bad surprise? If they quiz you, possibly beg you because it is such a shock, are you honestly still going to be able to give the same reasons for breaking up, the same answers you have decided upon earlier.

However relationships, dating and love and all that goes with matchmaking can be very personal to ourselves and trying to be rational about something so close to our hearts can be really difficult to maintain a rational viewpoint, or put another way, to be able to see things clearly and know what is best for you.

Chatting with friends can build your confidence, as they know you may have had a bit of a knock down but from a rational view point your friends can highlight to you that there's still lots of good things about you which you may be finding it difficult to acknowledge whilst handling being rejected.

You might also be able to build confidence by doing things outside your "comfort zone" to help you realise that your still very capable.

Rejection can be made more difficult depending on how you might be rejected and the state of your life at the time.

For example, if someone rejects you but is really nice about it, it might not feel so bad, but then maybe because they’ve done it so nicely it could instead be worse because they were really nice!

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I mentioned “the state of your life” at the time of rejection; for example if you have other issues and worries, maybe for example some money issues, since the rejection is in addition to the other problems in your life it could stretch your coping mechanisms.

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