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The successful launch of the euro, which is a key element in the creation of a stable, prosperous and peaceful Europe, has also boosted the integration of financial markets in the euro area.This process of integration in European financial markets coincided with the trend towards globalisation.This, in turn, will foster competition among banks.Although this increased competition will lead to lower bank margins, it will promote restructuring and consolidation among banks in the euro area, which will help them to compete globally.In January 1999, foreign exchange and interbank markets immediately switched over to the euro.At the same time, a single monetary policy was established, with a uniform policy implementation framework for all euro area countries.I should like to thank the Bank of Mexico for inviting me to this conference commemorating the Bank's 75th anniversary.The theme of this panel discussion is a topical one.

One aspect of this securitisation process has been the increase in corporate bond issuance, which has also coincided with a diminishing supply of government bonds in many countries, particularly in the United States.Furthermore, a unified payment system was introduced, providing for real-time gross settlement transfers throughout the euro area.As regards euro area banks, the transparency brought about by a single currency and a single monetary policy makes it easier for customers to compare bank products and costs.The unsecured deposit markets and the derivatives markets became fully integrated in early 1999.Moreover, the need to redistribute liquidity among euro area countries, including liquidity provided by the Eurosystem as part of its refinancing operations, fostered the development of area-wide transactions in the money market.

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More recently, we have seen remarkable developments in stock prices around the world, and in particular in stocks in the telecommunications and internet sectors. stocks", which experienced sharp price increases in late 1999 and early 2000, have seen their market capitalisation cut substantially in recent months.

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