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Martha hated the attention and it caused friction between her and Tish, who embraced the attention.Prior to meeting the Doctor, Martha attended a Mika concert in Denmark.She used her pediatrician as a sounding board, recalling him as "a wonderful pediatrician who knew the kids well." And she looked beyond differences with her ex-husband to get him involved. "For the person who sees him or herself as multifaceted, it's generally a lot easier.But if someone has been nothing but a spouse and saw that as the most important role, it can be pretty crushing," Coleman tells Web MD.When she was a child, Leo pushed Martha off the swing and broke her arm.Going in the ambulance and having her arm plastered fascinated her, which was when she decided she wanted to become a doctor.Without introducing himself, the Doctor merely took off his tie and said, "Like so, see? Unbeknownst to Martha at the time, he was demonstrating the nature of time travel.She met him again at the hospital, where he was posing as a patient named John Smith, not realising that the man she saw earlier was a future version of him; she also listened to his heartbeat, discovering that he had two hearts, but stayed quiet about it.

She met the Tenth Doctor while in residency at Royal Hope Hospital in London when the hospital was transported to the Moon by the Judoon troops, after which she began travelling with the Time Lord.(PROSE: The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage) Martha had three trumpet lessons in Year 6 of primary school.(COMIC: House Pests) When Francine invited guests to dinner, Martha and her sister were expected to "perform" for the guests by handing out nibbles while Francine bragged that Martha was going to be a leading surgeon.Later that same day the hospital was transported to the Moon by the Judoon.Calm while those around her panicked, Martha worked with the Doctor to track down the Plasmavore, "Florence Finnegan", for whom the Judoon were searching.

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