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As for the Latvian-only site, I would also have problems Atvainojiet, Es nerunaju Latviski- Es esmu no anglijas. But what ever Thats was not the main issue When I will find more correct figurs -i can let here know ,if i will find time)))..way in latvia 20-30% more russians compare with Estonia Thanks for the site, I'll check it out... Speaking of islands, did you know that Estonia has more than 1000 islands? I think it's either Latvia or Lithuania that has as many as 50% Russians... Well my brother lives in Tallinn for 10 years now and I have been there a few times too and I can say I need no agency there! These girls want to be treated like ladies, not like whores and every man who goes to them thinks he can get laid, the serious girls spot that right away. You got girls for both things anyway from what I could see. if all feels right and you don't feel suspicious not even a bit then go for it.

I only know a few Latvian words, and that's the longest phrase I know. Narva in Estonia is virtually a Russian city, as are the other cities in the North-Eastern part of Estonia. (But I know a lot more about Estonia than LV and LT...) In London there are supposed to be many Russians- but I rarely hear Russian spoken here. but the highest (percentage of Russians compared to Estonians) is in the Kopli region of Tallinn. So if you want to meet girls don't go to some random disco, try going to "Amigo", which is the disco from Viru Hotel (it is a 5 star hotel! If you do stay at the hotel the security will ask for the ID of the girl when she is going with you to your room (if you manage to get that far but I would suspect of any girl who would do that) because some girls would rob the foreigners who stayed at the hotel, after going to their room. If at ANY TIME you feel suspicious about her but think it is your imagination, raise red flag immediately.

Furthermore, whatever credibility Brits may have had, has been shot to bits by Easyjet taking southeners to Tallinn for p! If you want to meet a woman in Estonia look outside Tallinn - Tallinn women will seldom look twice at a Westerner. They have totally ruined not just Tallinn, but Riga, Prague, and just about every East European capital. If she asks you to buy her something or even suggests it indirectly ("oh I would REALLY like to buy this but I can't afford it") ... Ask her something like:"Would you like to come to my country for a week to visit and have some fun? Hopefully will meet one that suits my liking and vice-versa!

Lasnamae is the Russian heavy district just outside Tallinn, any women you do meet in Tallinn will be from there. Hi Misterb, we normally deal with the girls you meet online and not the ones you actually meet while you are in the FSU, that said, the information you give will still give some idea of what to expect from a genuine girl.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

in estonia not so many russians as in latvia ,but exists of course in site which i mention before mostly russian from different countrys.... There were Russians in all 3 Baltic States before the war, and no political problems.

i know one site where are mostly russian but only from latvia or who work at the moment in london or ireland)))..(.interface-russian and latvian language .) also some latvian site exists but there are no any english language ,only latvian interface,i could not manage with that site myself )))) just let me know if you would like to know tham or one of tham -i send than message to you )))dont want open tham up here ps i never used any agency,even if i still looking for may be not time yet in my 38 ? mostly just observations Estonia has a high Russian population, too. It's because pre-war Russians living there were mostly Whites who had fled the Reds.

Post-War Russians were brought in by Stalin to "Sovietise" the Baltic States.

The Soviets killed and forcibly deported (to Siberia) tens of thousands of locals from all three Baltic States in 1940, and then again after the war.

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