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Who wouldn’t love a 32 year-old with the relationship wisdom, maturity and experience of a 44 year-old anyway?

Problem is though, now you’re kind of a big, fat, liar too… You find a special someone you’re really interested in online, the conversations begin to flow really well, and then they want to meet you in person…remember?

But where there is a problem, there is always a business to sell you a solution.

According to recent surveys, no less than two thirds of single people looking for love have signed up to dating agencies.

So let’s talk about our next greatest pet peeve on online dating websites: Lying About Your Age.

We get it: you’ve gotten older, you’re single, and you have those great pics from last decade and they’re so much better than that one from last weekend. To get on a dating website, lie about your age, and post old pictures of yourself to snag the matches you really want.

Be honest with yourself and with those on the site.

No one wants their time or money wasted, and no one wants their preferences disregarded. Unfortunately, you’ll never find that special someone if you are lying from the start about your age and misleading about the way you currently look.

If you decide to tell the truth before you meet, you have created a very sour taste in the mouth of your potential true love – before your first official impression.

Confidence is the sexiest reported characteristic in dating.

If someone doesn’t like you for your age, then you shouldn’t like them for their opinions.

"All the comedians I know are mad, ugly or married - or all three." Online solution Ms Murray is one of 12 million unattached people in Britain.

That is a figure which has grown dramatically in the last few decades.

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) and then invest in some high-quality, professional online dating photos.

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