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(Gmail, for example, doesn't always behave itself on Edge). There is an option to revert to Explorer, which may solve some issues: click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of Edge and select “Open with Internet Explorer.” My guess is that Edge will improve rapidly in the coming weeks and months as Microsoft issues updates.

Let me add that I noted last week that Windows 10 felt faster (snappier) overall compared to Windows 8.1.

Applications don’t carry over There’s a reason many businesses wait years to upgrade.

Proprietary business applications don’t always work on a new Windows operating system.

В центре Киева начались столкновения между полицейскими и сторонниками блокады железнодорожного сообщения с ДНР и ЛНР.

Протестующие ломали ограждения и пытались установить палаточный городок.

Windows 10 is a potentially great upgrade – that’s not quite great yet.

Cortana is a work in progress Cortana is a sophisticated digital personal assistant that understands spoken commands.

Note that Microsoft issued a big “cumulative” update for Windows 10 on Wednesday to address a variety of issues. It either crashes outright or is very slow to respond.

That update may, or may not, address some of the issues below. The Start Menu: Occasionally buggy The return of the Start Menu is the single most important change for many consumers. Edge Browser: Needs work The new Edge browser is fast -- when it's firing on all cylinders. And at other times has trouble running some websites.

Because voice recognition is difficult even under the best of conditions, it’s not surprising that Cortana is hit-or-miss.

I’ll be charitable and say don’t expect too much from Cortana.

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