Gillette razor dating guide

What must we do so that we do not get stuck with the lesser razor and also do not overpay in the process.

Fortunately anybody can quickly and easily identify a Fatboy with just 3 simple steps.

Unfortunately many have accidentally, due to a lack of knowledge, ended up with not a Fatboy but a Slim.

Anyone who has shaved with these two razors can confirm that there is no comparison between the two and well, the Slim just cannot compete against the Fatboy.

The letter tells what year the razor was manufactured, and the number what quarter of the year.

Many people collect razors made in their birth year, or the year of some special event; others try to collect a whole series of years, sometimes with one from each quarter.

The knob should turn smoothly, and the doors should close straight and tight.

Any stickiness is a bad sign, though sometimes it can be fixed by cleaning. Note how he lathers up three times, each time shaving in a different direction. Also includes interesting technical details about the razor.

The date code is a letter and number between the Gillette logo and the handle.

In the rush to acquire the very best razor to experience the best of shaves, some seek out the classic Gillette Fatboy razor.

The Fatboy is in much demand and prices reflect that demand.

Finally the easiest way to identify a Gillette Fatboy Razor is by looking at the date code.

Look underneath the head of the razor right where the stem and head connect. The Fatboy was made for only a few years so you will only need to look for a few different letters. If you see one of these letters there and the other features such as the high domes head and height are present, congratulations you have in your hands a Gillette Fatboy razor.

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