Gorillaz 2d noodle dating dating a bipolar woman

Gumshoe: After listening to it the officer can't hear anything except for the ringing in his own ears.Phoenix: So it's an instrument of torture...literally.

Story contains explicit details of present day events and descriptive details of childhood events. Sam Hanna comes to the rescue, not in an expected way, but well after things get dicey for his partner.-----OOC and possible squick: Sam Hanna, Michelle Hanna, Hetty Lange, Director Vance, Kensi Blye, and Owen Granger.-----This song, "I'll Be Good" by Jaymes Young in his album Habits of My Heart, fits G Callen's overall desire to change his behaviors.

This time: Peggy and Angie go on their honeymoon to Florence, and stay with some of Angie's family for a few days.

Reader/Hux, now & then Hux/Reader/Kylo Ren & Ren/Reader.

Basically anything so bad that the Suckiness Is Painful. A variant is for the villain to do torture that is so ridiculous and/or Faux Horrific it would never work, but everyone acts as if it would. Not to be confused with Unishment, when its the character who wants the punishment rather than the audience.

And it's always fun when one character has such offbeat tastes that he or she the experience. For when someone merely threatens to do something like this, see Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon. When this involves sending somebody to a city, see Place Worse Than Death.

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