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He still feels as strongly as Sweet about the Grove Street Families, but like Big Smoke, he's willing to take any opportunities to make a bit of cash, despite going against his gangs best interests. He's taken as a joke by everyone in Grove Street, but he acts like he's tough and a real "gangsta" despite the fact he hasn't put in any work for the set at all. B Dup was one of the first Grove Street Guys to resort to the drugs.He moved away from the Grove and doesn't wish to have any contact with Sweet or Carl.Mabait si Albert, pero habang lumalaki kami ay nadiskubre nya ang katangian nyang may pagkapilyo.

Most definitely Carl's best friend throughout the game. He strongly hates the system and is always thinking of ways to screw it. Not only does he have lots of girls to keep him entertained at his "Pleasure Domes" club in San Fierro, but he's also involved in the biggest drug smuggling campaign the city has ever seen.

Toreno is not scared of anything, but knows that stuff has to be done and when the helpless Carl Johnson is looking for a way to free his jailed brother, Toreno will capitalise on that. Wu Zi Mu is the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a division of the Chinese Triads.

Although he is completely blind, he has trained his other senses to a point where you could barely tell the difference. He is blessed with extreme good fortune however though and manages to come through numerous street races without a scratch.

Hindi sya ganun ka-buff pero malaki din naman ang pangangatawan nya. Nabuhay sa karangyaan sila Albert at dahil dun ay parang hindi nya ramdam ang kakulangan ng Daddy nya sa buhay nya. Kasi sabi nya wala din naman syang magagawa kung habambuhay nyang iisipin yun. Kahit na walang label sa amin ay alam ko na mahal ko sya.

Magkasama kami ni Albert sa isang dorm nung nasa College na kami. Ramdam ko din ang pagmamahal nya sa akin pero ako na mismo ang pumipigil sa nararamdaman nya.

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