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They start real nice talking about their life and family texting, emails and phone conversation. I paid eharmony for 3 months of membership that I didn't used. Not only do you have to enter your cc info prior to using the free trail, it was a waste of money. I was a member for more than a few years & only had one date. After removing my account & taking a break, I receive an E-Harmony notification that someone was interested in meeting me.

Real charming people and romantic until they ask for money. The picture that this people used is the real people but not their picture because one person was using the picture. I stated during my questionnaire that I want children, they match me with people who weren't interested in having children. I decided to go back in & reactivate my account, however I receive a pop up window from E-harmony saying there are no members for me & wishing me luck in my future.

How much fraud and illicit account access is happening at e Harmony? And why is their answer to my inquiries as to where did "Joe", who sent me a smile, go? I have tried this service on 3 or 4 separate occasions. I actually had an argument with an ex over e Harmony which helped ultimately end my relationship with a person I was expecting to marry.

I found out he was going into his free account where he updated his photos and was winking at women he liked.

it kept saying I was already a member but would not let me log in with that email. Or I say I would date a guy within an age range and it sends me guys 20 years older than my age cut off max and 5 years younger than my age cut off minimum.

You end up paying Eharmony about 0 for a year's subscription and after 2 weeks you realize it is not worth it. He was into the same music he probably listened to in highschool, probably in the 60's. My words of advice: there is nothing wrong with YOU. Separated is just like being single without the divorce paper.

Then I get an email every day saying a member sent a new email is interested in me but it is the same email you have already checked. I guess it is my fault for trying it again each time hoping they have improved their system and deep down knowing it will be the same bull. Some of the man in this site they are only there to ask women for money. Why do they bother to ask your status if they won't let you go further if you are separated?

It’s an innovative matchmaking theory at online dating field.

You can read about your personality based on your test They have launched ios and android dating apps for their members.

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