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If the values are alternated in the dictionary they are applied to the grid. The hashtable consists of the new values to be set on the row cells.If the values are alternated in the hashtable they are applied to the grid and carried over to the data source as well.Otherwise missing cells will be nulled out by the auto update operation. The dictionary consists of the new values to be set on the row's unbound cells.The hash key is the key of corresponding column and the value is the new value to be set. Thanks, Marion Disclaimer: The information provided on Dev and its affiliated web properties is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

If you bind your data to the Grid View in the page load event, then you lose any data that the user provided.Let's say we have a list with 5 names in it, then it dynamically creates a column for every name in the Grid View.Here's some code to display what i do: How do i create the dynamic columns for each row? So when the Grid View databinds, the columns get filled with data. NET, so i'll try to be as clear as i can with my explanation.I'm using a Grid View to display some columns and rows that reside in a database. Because i wanted to add columns dynamically out of a List of names.

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Text; returns the the value of the "decription" which existed prior to typing in the new value. Thus every time I would click on Update, the data would get bound to the grid again after fetching the same data from the data base. I have a webpage that has a grid that allows select as well as edit. When I attempt to get to values in the rowupdating event I get the old values (which makes sense from your post). My question is that when I add the binding code inside If Not Page.

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