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Hana Yasmeen Ali, 28, is the third-youngest of Muhammad Ali's nine children.Hana Ali's mother, Veronica Porche, and her father divorced when she was nine years old, yet by all accounts she is the closest of her siblings to Ali. He always says they're the best books in the world.

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All he's ever done and even more so now than before, is try to do good, be kind to people, to lead a clean moral life, and most of all help people in need. He loves his fans and people in general, so it comes more naturally to him than most people. When I was 13 or 14 and we'd come to be with him for the summer and we'd go through the phone books, my dad would call people and say, "This is Muhammad Ali." And just go down the list. Sometimes people talk to him, but nine times out of 10 he gets hung up on. It's subtle, but you feel like you're in the presence of angels around him--especially now because he's so patient.

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