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But by the time they released their breakthrough third album, Dig Me Out, they had far outgrown that association.Although they never stopped writing dynamic punk anthems about important issues like female empowerment and sexism, Sleater-Kinney had far bigger aspirations.It was 'Call the Doctor.' We just stopped, and she was like, 'That is so awesome, you have to keep doing that.' That song was a complete turning point. This bolt of lightning had gone from my chest to hers. It was so big."Brownstein and Tucker also start dating, but the romance doesn't last long. We were a lot more in love with the band." Tucker and Sawyer release a self-titled Heavens To Betsy demo and a split single with Bratmobile in 1992, followed by their one and only album, Calculated, the next year.1994 to 1996Tucker graduates from Evergreen, while Brownstein still has three years to go. Tucker suggests to Brownstein that they name their band after Sleater Kinney Road in the town of Lacey, WA, where they had previously found a rehearsal space.And we just said, 'Oh, my God, when we sing together, what is that? "We started going out and playing music right around the same time," Brownstein tells Rolling Stone. Brownstein and Tucker record four songs for indie label Villa Villakula, three of which make it onto the Move Into the Villa Villakula compilation.

Tucker tells the ROCKRGRL zine, "We wanted to expand our songwriting a bit so we'd have songs that were still bare-bones in some ways, but have a really big sound, really explosive, where it can contract and expand." The song "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" becomes a popular anthem amongst fans for its call to destroy gender-based rock'n'roll stereotypes.

Brownstein starts listening to punk and transfers to private school Overlake where she "reinvents" herself as a preppy. For young women to be doing that, basically teenagers on stage, to be taking that kind of stance, that kind of power, was blowing people's minds. Tucker models her wailing vocals after Kathleen Hanna and Sinead O'Connor.

At Overlake, Brownstein stars in the school play and joins the tennis team.1990 to 1993Tucker moves to Olympia, WA to study film, political economy and social change at Evergreen State College. During her freshman year, Tucker makes a documentary about women in music featuring interviews with Beat Happening, Nirvana, and footage of the first shows by Bikini Kill and Bratmobile.

Tucker learns of music early on thanks to her father's folk singing and guitar playing, and listens to his record collection that includes Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, the Velvet Underground and R. Tucker skips her prom to go see Vancouver indie rock duo Mecca Normal play a gig instead.

Carrie Rachel Grace Brownstein is born in Seattle, WA on September 27, 1974 to a corporate lawyer father and a homemaker mother.

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