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really stunningly attractive women are assumed to be 'out of my league' or 'must already be spoken for' to me, so they get neglected.This is why I'm often surprised to the point of annoyance when I see beautiful women on the arms of ordinary looking guys!Their narcississism, shallowness, and extremely high standards, turned me off from wanting to date them.Nice to look at sure, but how long does that last until you get sick of it?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.While many, including me, think that beautiful women have no trouble getting men, there is some that think they actually have a hard time getting dates.

If they choose "rich men" mostly, then that proves they have an agenda and like to string men along for their own financial gains, & really who wants that? They can keep the dumbass drs and lawyers and celebs, etc. I've been a bartender for 8 years and I can tell you that most women i meet in san diego are sluts and easy to take home.

There are likely other areas of their life where they let their fear rule them.

There are tons of movies that display awkward but devoted men patiently waiting for a girl who suddenly realizes Mr. Although I appreciate the power of dreams, you have to MAKE those dreams a reality. If you approach a beautiful woman because she's beautiful, you are the norm, not the exception.

This is why men are often surprised to the point of annoyance when they see beautiful women on the arms of ordinary looking guys!

Men are afraid of rejection, so when they see a beautiful woman they automatically assume that she will rejects them, so they just stare and don't go talk to her.

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Has anyone ever read the story of this company or its owner?

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