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Luke Mitchell and Indiana Evans is a member of the following lists: Relationship Type: On-Screen and Couple Type: Onscreen. Read more about Luke Mitchell and Indiana Evans » Looking for another profile?

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Starring: Cariba Heine, Phoebe Tonkin, Indiana Evans, Angus Mclaren, Luke Mitchell With: Burgess Abernathy as Zane, Jamie Timony as Nate, Ben Timony as Jason, Jarreau La Castra as Lead Guitarist, Remy Hii as Bass Guitarist, Clinton Stewart as Surfer #1, Jordan Patrick Smith as Surfer #2, Rick Mitchell as Surfer #3, Alan David Lee as Don Sertori Notes: Claire Holt has left the series.

Indiana Evans and Luke Mitchell join the main cast, and there is yet another new version of the theme song, this time performed by Indiana Evans.

Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider. Sensing how close he is to their secrets, Rikki takes action and discounts his memory of the night.Will is defused and Bella's left conflicted by what they did to convince him.That night, at the opening of the new café, Rikki and Cleo meet Bella, a new girl who helps Rikki out of a tricky situation by stepping in to sing in Nate's band. Rikki is saved from the encounter but they find the new boy Will in the Moon Pool.In a break outside, Rikki is attacked by water and dragged out to sea. The girls realise something has changed on Mako Island, and it appears Will is now on the trail of their magic and secret.

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Will becomes suspicious when he finds Rikki on the island and doubly so when Bella accidentally uncovers the land entrance of the Moon Pool and they catch Cleo and Lewis in the cavern.

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