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Despite these official sanctions, however, some conscientious historians continued to describe what they had observed, albeit with a heavy dose of sixteenth century cultural and religious bias.In Mexico City, Bishop Juan de Zumarraga claimed to have destroyed 20,000 idols and 500 temples.The hallucinogenic Amanita muscaria mushroom, identified by the late ethno-mycologist Robert Gordon Wasson as the God plant Soma, from the Rig Veda is, I believe, the inspiration of many religious ideas throughout the world."Here was the Secret of Secrets of the Ancients, of our own remote forebears, a Secret discovered perhaps sporadically in Eurasia and again later in Mesoamerica.The Secret was a powerful motive force in the religion of the earliest times (Wasson 1980, p.The Sumerian word for "Lord" is apu, the same exact word for "Lord" used in the New World by the ancient Inca civilization of Peru (Hugh Fox, 2005 p.7).Like Mesoamerica, Mesopotamian religion was highly polytheistic a system based on the belief of many gods, or deities.Quetzalcoatl attributes assume the character of other deities.He was also a real person who stood for learning and the arts who was a ruler of the Toltec empire.

(19-83), records: “they began to worship the devil [Quetzalcoatl].We know that succeeding rulers or High Priests who emulated the ways of Quetzalcoatl also used his name.We know from ancient manuscripts called codices that Quetzalcoatl the god created mankind from drawing blood from his penis in the underworld.A closer look at the attributes of Quetzalcoatl's headdress, depicts a harpy eagle, one of the many avatars of Quetzalcoatl, a trefoil or Fleur de lis symbol, and the "single eye" motif, a universal symbol of the resurrected Sun God.Also encoded in Quetzalcoatl's headdress is a five pointed Venus half star symbol.

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