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but how about the other latinos eventually Haitians or Jamaicans would have to date one since Miami is strongly majority the cuban and haitian relationships very close like the black american and puerto rican relationship is in nyc??

how high or low is the interracial relationship in Miami between Cubans and Haitians since both are one of the top 2 biggest ethnic groups in the city and county?

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Many people don’t realize that at one point Garcelle was even a video girl! [Laughter] Kreyolicious: Say for example, say a Haitian man who wants to romance Garcelle…

She played the leading lady in at least two music videos, “Down Low”, “Come with Me”, “Take me Home” with the singer R. Kreyolicious: You said you had a Haitian boyfriend before.

From then on, TV producers seem to always have her in mind, as she took on lead strong women roles in the early 2000’s detective show “NYPD Blue”, followed by “Eyes” and more recently “Franklin & Bash”.

First, the Haitian and Cuban communities move in different social circles though this may be changing because the increment of Haitians in South Florida universities.

But with Garcelle’s gorgeous features and leggy figure, New York came calling on a gramophone, and she headed there and signed with Ford, one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world.

She even got a few roles in movies (she’s one of the rose bearers in the classic comedy film ), and TV shows, and actually played a model on a short-lived television show about models, before striking gold as a star cast member on “The Jamie Foxx Show”.

Most interracial relationships I have seen in Miami are Jamaicans with whites or hispanics (usually not Cubans, but I actually know a Cuban/Jamaican couple) Puerto Ricans in general tend to date more blacks that any other hispanic nationality. Such generalizations That's like saying that all minorities carry a knife and/or gun, uneducated, drug dealers or live off welfare!

I have noticed though that those PR that grow up here in Miami tend not to date black people. and get to know people for who they are not their ethnicity.

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I have Cuban (and other groups) friends who have dated outside of their "own", and do not possess a superiority complex.

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