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Jeff Coney, INVO director of economic development, helped recruit investors and entrepreneurs.Bray, who wrote a computer program to optimize matchmaking for INVOMatch, said, “We are making it easier for faculty to move the ideas they have in their lab into a new venture.This is a college campus with over 8,000 attractive, intelligent students; dating exist in some form. Huang says, “theoretically speaking, college is the best time for people to find lifetime friends [and] lifetime partners […] if you have a large group of young men and women with similar IQs, with romance on their minds, and confine them within a couple of square miles for four years, natural things will happen.”I found my answer in Weinberg sophomore Rebecca Te Kolste, who agreed to testify on behalf of Northwestern’s dating population.

Klumpp, an associate professor of urology at the Feinberg School of Medicine, was among the Northwestern inventors at INVOMatch 2012, a new entrepreneurial speed-dating event that matched them with potential investors to help bring the inventors’ therapies or technologies to market. D., the chair of urology at Feinberg, had mastered the “elevator pitch” about their discovery: a novel probiotic treatment to cure urinary tract infections that had many advantages over current antibiotic therapies.

Not unexpectedly, Tony also mentioned “hookups at random parties.” However, he observed the college dating scene from a more distant playing field, opting to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend in Cicero.

Says Tony, “We knew it would be a challenge, but it’s easier than we thought.”Okay, so the freshmen were no help.

Says Huang, “Although students tend to postpone relationships, college is one of the best times to create meaningful connections.

People are much more pure [and] willing to share with you their true heart and their true self.”We downplay the college dating scene as a strange form of protection. Huang’s theory, if we make it seem like everyone not in a serious relationship is just hooking up, then maybe we won’t feel so bad about refusing to get to know someone beyond the number of drinks we shared.

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